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Dinner with an Indian family
Dinner with an Indian family

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Jaipur Night Safari

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Supyar Mahal is a Guest house in Jaipur owned and run by an Indian Family in Jaipur. We offer comfortable stay in Jaipur "Pink City of India". We have designed the rooms of our guest house in such a manner that you will feel the comfort of home in our Guest House. The rooms of the Guest House have the modern amenities with beautiful Interiors.

We are located in Jaipur (Tourism Capital of India) and Situated 06 KM from Jaipur train station and 7 Km from the Jaipur Bus Stand. Supyar Mahal is 15 KM from Jaipur airport.

When a traveler comes to a country he or she visits the monuments, temples, museums and streets of that city. But a traveler hardly gets a chance to visit a home in that country. Here in our Guest House we are offering that chance to a traveler to stay with Indian family in Jaipur. It's the best way to know the culture of a country is by living with a family in that country. We would like to offer this service to all the travelers those who want to see India, touch India and Feel India.

Awards: We are pleased to announce that Supyar Mahal is recently awarded with the prestigious Traveler’s Choice Award by the world’s biggest travel site Tripadvisor for the Year 2015Supyar Mahal is ranked number 01 in the Bed and Breakfast category in India in Traveler’s Choice Ranking. Supyar Mahal is also ranked number 02 in Asia in the Bed and Breakfast category by the travellers. It’s a big achievement for us but one thing is proved that Hard work always pay off.



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